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alenah [userpic]

Welcome To My LJ

January 2nd, 2028 (08:06 pm)


What To Expect ......... Artisan Jewellery, Fan art , icons, wallpapers, banners and musings over current obsessions

Feel free to view and snag icons and stuff .......
Credit and comments would be lovely
All Resources used for any art here is listed in the resource post in the link list


alenah [userpic]

Niece's Flowerpots

February 18th, 2015 (11:01 am)



I made so many paper roses for Valentines (see last post) that I decided to make a couple of Spring time flower pots for my nieces, and a bouquet for my sister. I used the 80 gsm coloured copy paper to make the roses. The thinner the paper the more lovely swirls and spirals you get to create your rose...I'll probably post a quick mini tutorial on how I made the roses soon


I drew out a flower pot shape on a piece of paper and used it as a template to cut the pots out of thicker cardstock. I then sponged a mix of brown, black and yellow acrylic paint to create a mottled shabby flower pot


I had recently purchased a pretty lace border punch, which I used to create an embellishment for the pots



I used my Tim Holtz Sizzix Decorative strip dies, that contained leaves and greenery, and left the dies in place, while I sponged a random mix of greens, blue, yellow and white all over the strips. This was one of my favourite steps lol, very messy. Once dry, I pulled apart the die leaving a pleasing mass of variegated green foliage to use




I made a sturdy base card , painted and stamped the surface, then set about laying down the foliage into a pleasing composition. Then the pots went on next, and then the roses - I used tacky glue and permanent tape to secure everything. The base is such that it can fold down flat, making it easier for me to post, then, it will open up into a triangular easel. Matting with patterned paper strengthened the supporting structure


Then the cards were taken into the back garden and photographed lol... very fitting scenery for them I thought, anyway, I hope you like them (and fingers crossed, so will my nieces)

alenah [userpic]

Rosa Arvensis - A Fresh Hope

December 17th, 2014 (07:28 pm)

 photo rosestogo_zps853b2470.jpg

I am continuing to do rehab for my shoulder injury and am pleased to report that over the last couple of weeks I have been able to use my arms a lot more and have even been able to do some "art"

I would of course love to be able to take on my wire work, but as mentioned before, this would tax more torn tendon more than any other art form I do. Thank goodness I like to dabble in other media other wise I would be going crazy lol. Art therapy is a major factor in keeping me centred . I have taken to my watercolours again, which has been a surreal experience for me, as this was my only creative outlet back when I was a doctor. I haven't touched the medium in a decade - I had of course discovered the joys of acrylics and mixed media thanks to my stint on the Arts and Design course at DeMontfort Uni in 2012, but I never really thought I'd revisit this old faithful friend lol

My approach has changed though towards the medium, possibly as a result of all those mixed media influences and my love of 3D and texture, so I have taken more of an experimental approach this time. I didn't realise how much texture and vibrancy can be brought into watercolours these days, my old work could look quite washed out. The experimental painting above is of Rosa Arvensis a wild rambling white rose, that runs rampant in the English countryside...I felt it symbolised a vibrant fresh hope for me that I am turning a corner with my health and happiness in general. I have been able to reconnect with long lost family this year, and have managed to achieve significant weight loss in my efforts to address my health - so even though there has been somewhat of a creative drought and not a lot happening with the shop, I would say this has been one of my favourite years so far :) If the current trajectory holds true with my rehab, then I hope to open an Arts shop alongside the jewellery one to sell my other kinds of work , which is a lovely thought for me to hang onto as we go into the festive season

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

MCAM 5yr Celebration Of Cover Artists

December 17th, 2014 (07:26 pm)

 photo blogupdate1_zps5f5e6d22.jpg

 photo blogupdate2_zpsb0bf3fda.jpg

The latest issue of Metal Clay Artist Magazine contained a special gallery celebrating the cover artists it had featured over the last 5 years. There have been some amazing pieces featured on those covers created by awe inspiring artisans. They featured my favourite Spider Conch Necklace as you can see, which was so  lovely of the team given that I haven't actually touched any metal clay since 2012!! I went running off to have fun messing around on the Arts and Design Course at Uni and became obsessed with painting and mixed media work.

Now I jump around between making Shipwrecked Pirate Books and making Seashore Boxes, then when I get bored I dabble in my first love wire sculpted jewellery. None of which has been happening lately due to my torn shoulder rotator cuff injury - however things are improving in that area and I am to start doing art again as part of my rehab. The irony is that I am not allowed to do extensive wire sculpted work as yet, which means I may well be heading towards playing with metal clay again. This new MCAM issue has been really inspiring and I think I really need to revisit this medium. I'll also be doing painting as part of the rehab regime, and am going to keep everything crossed that I have turned a corner and will continue to improve.

I appreciate all the lovely messages by people excited by my work. All the encouragement really helps me get into the right frame of mind to get better quicker :)  I will keep everyone updated on my progress and will show any new work on my Samantha Braund Jewellery Facebook Page . The image below is the banner for the FB page  :)

 photo blogupdatex_zps3cf77f7d.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

Sorry For The Recent Inactivity!

June 25th, 2014 (06:32 pm)

I have been on a health kick this year, while trying to keep things ticking over with the creativity. Unfortunately I have sustained a few exercise induced injuries along the way. The latest is the most annoying, as it involves a slipped intervertebral disc in the neck, which has resulted in the nerves in both arms being affected, so I am busy "rehabbing" but am unable to do much with the arms and hands.

Once I am over the worst I will be back to making more pieces for the shops. The good news is that I have achieved significant weight loss and my fitness has improved too despite the current predicament lol. I have also sold a few pieces including the Cascade Mermaid Amulet featured in the last post (she will be missed)

Anyway, thanks for the support and I look forward to creating and posting here again xxx

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

Meet The New Mermaid Amulet Queen

March 19th, 2014 (03:33 pm)

 photo cascadeblog2_zpsacbafd13.jpg

Having been immersed in making Pirate Treasure chests for the past week, it was only natural for my strange mind to turn to making another Mermaid Amulet for the shop. This one started as a rather modest composition around the central green pearl, then it started to grow, and grow , and grow!

The piece has cascades of my signature swirls and embellishments falling from the pearl, culminating into this Art Nouveau style sculptural feature. It is a real statement piece and the new Queen of the Mermaid Amulet Collection in my mind. You can find her here in the shop . I've included plenty of views so that you can appreciate the detail and intricacy that has gone into the piece. I hope you love her as much as I do!

 photo cascadeblog4_zps360e1224.jpg

 photo cascadeblog3_zps1cc68e43.jpg

 photo cascadeblog8_zps91510129.jpg

 photo cascadeblog7_zps35b13aec.jpg

 photo cascadeblog5_zps98d47816.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

Mini Treasure Chest

March 16th, 2014 (08:16 pm)

 photo trunkblog1_zps04cdf879.jpg

I have been having more fun in the studio as you can see. If you follow any of my work you'll be aware of my love of the fantasy world occupied by Mermaids and Pirates - so when it came to making some storage for my growing mass of mini misters and sprays, I had to make a Pirates Treasure Chest!

I started with a few sheets of chipboard and constructed the chest, then took my time decorating the exterior with patterned paper, brads, and other metal hardware. The focal metallic embellishment is made from embossed foil, and treated with a variety of acrylic paints to get that antiqued gold look. I experimented on creating that effect earlier this year as described in this post . I am so happy with the chest ... and it's for me lol, not for my hubby or a friend, no, I get to keep this one all to myself

The next time I make one I think I will go a little bit more adventurous with the finish, maybe include some of my polymer sculptural work as I did on the Seashore Chocolate Box. I think a barnacle and marine life encrusted treasure chest would look so cool! Well, just the idea of it has got me excited ... anyway I hope you like this Mini Treasure Chest of mine :)

 photo trunkblog2_zps44adad51.jpg

 photo trunkblog4_zps12fce63f.jpg

 photo trunkblog5_zps830084da.jpg

 photo trunkblog6_zps2041cc55.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

AAA Olive Quartz and Gold Dreamcatcher Necklace

March 5th, 2014 (09:27 pm)

 photo timeturnerblog10_zps6efd0a6c.jpg

This is the latest Dreamcatcher Necklace which is already in the shop . I completed the piece yesterday and was so thrilled with it that I had to list it today. I am really enjoying getting to play with Goldfill wire (which is 14 karat gold) , and if ever there was a gemstone begging to be sculpted in gold, it's this one!

The gemstone itself is a very rare quartz, it is my understanding that you have Lemon Quartz and Smokey Quartz which brown, and often coexist. Where they meet you can on the rare occasion get a range of beautiful greeny gold hues as a result of the merging of the colours. I have used Bicolour Lemon and Smokey and even have one in the shop right now (in another showstopper piece) which also does a similar thing, but usually you see distinct bands of Lemon and Brown, but not in this one...it is totally a homogenous stunning intense olive green. Nature is wondrous isn't it?

I've taken several shots and included a few extra props including Pete's distressed Jade Gothic book I made this January. Enjoy the photos :)

 photo timeturnerblog4_zps7d85c177.jpg

 photo timeturnerblog1_zpsb22e4e9c.jpg

 photo timeturnerblog6_zpsf5160927.jpg

 photo timeturnerblog8_zpsadc60889.jpg

 photo timeturnerblog7_zpsa9c6b245.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

New Acorns and Golden Oldies

February 28th, 2014 (01:20 pm)

 photo acornblog6_zps76b9893e.jpg

Smokey Quartz gemstones and Sterling silver acorns

This post shows pieces going into the shop that represent new beginnings while reflecting on the past. I read in a Psychology book recently about how it can be beneficial to look back at the ups and downs of your life and work out how you got through the toughest times, and to acknowledge that you always did get back up again. You are meant to learn lessons from your own history and take reassurance from it. Bearing this in mind I created this piece as an ode to new beginnings . I have a strand of these smooth tumbled Smokey Quartz gemstones, that resembled acorns, others can see grapes, buds and even olives - what can you see? I sculpted the stalks , vines and tendrils in Sterling silver. You can see from the picture of the piece in my hand how small and intricate the piece really is (below)

 photo 2b54415b-a524-4a7d-978d-a6a2a31d5f40_zps35c22cf0.jpg

 photo acornblog4_zps9c8afb20.jpg

By way of a coincidence, I also found this significant piece I made years ago. This "Golden Oldie" was created at the height of some really tough times I was going through, and had no sense of control over my situation. This piece represented something of a creative breakthrough in my wirework, which gave me such a sense of hope and serenity in the midst of all that hate being thrown in my direction. I guess I should value the fact that my art and creative outlets have always comes to my rescue whenever I have fallen down, I will always be grateful for that. I hope to get these two pieces in the shop within the next few days :)

 photo goldenoldblog1_zpsede9884e.jpg

14 carat gold and microfaceted  Citrine gemstone

 photo goldenoldblog6_zpsb218992a.jpg

 photo goldenoldblog2_zps5667bd19.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

alenah [userpic]

Seashore Chocolate Box and Being Noticed!

February 23rd, 2014 (03:41 pm)

 photo chocbboxblog5_zps05af7f04.jpg

It has been a wonderful week of unexpected pleasures!

I managed to have a creative breakthrough, which is something that provides me with a sense of zen, like nothing else lol! It all started with Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine sharing my Art Journal (see below), on their FB page last week. If you follow the link you'll see that the response was amazing, the photo was liked over 2000 times, and shared over 700 times! I have never had such an ego boost for my work!

The truth is that I made the art journal as part of my Uni coursework - it was a Summer project they set before starting in 2012, to create a concertina style book. I patched the cover together using Polymer clay for the sculptural seascape elements in haste, and over time completely forgot how I did it! I wonder if this happens to other artists too ... now I try to document my process, especially as I jump about from medium to medium so often. Well, as you can see I managed to work it out this week in my Seashore Chocolate Box :) Yay!

 photo chocboxblog7_zps2d464bfc.jpg

Original polymer art journal from 2012

The chocolate box is for a friend who had every faith I'd be able to recall my process and tried to allay my anxieties. She wanted a coffee table book or box, and I came up with a box construction, to store her chocolate mini treats that she gets out with the coffee lol.

It turned out better that I thought it would. I combined polymer clay elements, Decoart Modelling paste, die cut shapes and several washes of acrylic paint to create the Seashore on the box, and added her initial to top it off. I am definitely going to make more of these for the second shop, and will try out different themes too, although I do love my Shipwrecked, pirate treasure themes in all the media I work in !

The other unexpected thrill was this amazingly complimentary write up my metal clay work was given in The Polymer Arts magazine blog . My fine metal Purple Spider Conch Shell (see below) was featured and the author made connections between the piece and a human heart which was so insightful. It was such an honour to read and they gave a flattering description of myself as a Multi Media Artist which did get me thinking that the way my work is developing. I cannot claim to be purely a jewellery artist that dabbles in mixed media on the side, I think my condition is getting worse lol! I think the University course is responsible for freeing up whole other aspects of my psyche, and allowing me to explore those themes in other media

I certainly tackle issues from the past and mental health issues etc through more traditional art forms. I wonder where it is all heading?! Well, I'll be back at university this year, and will make sure I sit down with my mentor there and hash it out ....anyway I will leave you with lots of different views of the Seashore Chocolate Box and will come back with more jewellery soon, I am sure :)

 photo chocboxblog8_zpsa8c0c7ee.jpg

Purple Spider Conch Shell in fine silver, freshwater pearls and sterling silver

(I hope to get the conches into the shop soon)

 photo chocbboxblog1_zpse50871f0.jpg

Seashore Chocolate Box

 photo chocbboxblog4_zpsbee8113e.jpg

 photo chocbboxblog3_zps4fac31f5.jpg

 photo chocboxblog6_zps0d46c659.jpg

Box opened up - I used some distressed French script  paper to line the box

Close Up Views ... I love those!

 photo chocboxblog2_zpse8ffeff1.jpg

 photo chocboxblog_zpsc7f7a126.jpg

 photo chocboxblog3_zps5455520b.jpg

 photo chocboxblog1_zps0212ec5e.jpg

Thanks for stopping by

Samantha Braund

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